The "Ideal" Iteration Length Revealed...

As agile project management methods are becoming more widely adopted in companies around the world, many struggle with one of the most basic decisions when starting iterative incremental project approaches:  what is the ideal iteration length to use?  Let's see if we can tackle that question.





IPMA Certification Exam Dates Announced Across Canada

The Project Management Association of Canada is pleased to announce exam dates for IPMA Level-D certification in many provinces across the country.

Dates and locations for exam sessions currently scheduled are listed below. Check back at for updates to this list.

Dec. 5, 2009 [Toronto, ON] - IPMA Level-D exam. Examination scheduled from 4-6pm at the end of our annual general meeting.

Feb. 12, 2010 [Vancouver, BC] - IPMA Level-D exam. Examination time TBD.


New article posted on "Project Managers vs. Scrum Masters"

Kevin Aguanno, our Director of Professional Development, has posted a new article to our web site entitled "Project Managers vs. Scrum Masters: Agile Project Management Matures." Click on the link above to read the article.


Project Managers vs. Scrum Masters: Agile Project Management Matures

There is a lot of resistance in the agile community against project management. Many (though not all) proponents of agile methods feel that project management is the root of all evils. To understand this perspective, we need to look at how agile methods were evangelized in their early days.


2009 PMAC-AMPC Annual General Meeting & Workshops - Registration Now Open

Online registration is now open for our 2009 AGM to be held in Toronto on Dec. 5, 2009. This event will include two world-class speakers whom we are flying in from out of the country just for this event. This is something you will not want to miss.

See the 2009 AGM page for further details and online registration.


Member Benefits Update - 25% Off Project Management Books

PMAC-AMPC members get a 25% discount on purchasing project management-related books, audiobooks, and DVDs from the following publishers. Members need to enter a special discount code that is available in our members-only area. [Details]

Participating Publishers

  • Multi-Media Publications Inc. - one of our corporate sponsors
  • John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Getting PM Training without Breaking the Bank

In these troubling economic times, companies are slashing their training budgets as a means of getting costs under control and more in line with dramatically-reduced revenues. Classroom training opportunities are being cancelled every day, with the excuse that tuition, travel costs, and lost productivity makes the whole exercise financially unviable.


New Article Posted on How Stage Gate Approvals Align with Project Startup Activities in Agile Projects

A new article entitled "Best Practices are Still Best Practices" was just published in our article archives. The article by Director of Professional Development, Kevin Aguanno, dispels a myth that agile project management methods allow rapid project startup that skips the need for up-front requirements analysis and design, and also shows how agile project startup fits within the common stage-gate approval processes found in many large Canadian organizations.


Best Practices are Still Best Practices

I do a lot of consulting on the adoption of agile management techniques. What I keep seeing are the same issues popping up time and time again. While lots of good information has been circulating about agile project management for the past decade or so, misperceptions abound.


First Two Exam Dates Scheduled for the PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management

The first two examination dates have been announced for the PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management. An open exam will be held on October 28, 2009 in Toronto, which will accept all recent and past students of the accredited "Introduction to Agile Project Management" course. An additional exam session is scheduled for November 13, 2009 at the offices of Procept Associates in Toronto, ON, open to students of the same course being hosted by the university Nov. 11-13.

Registration details for the courses are at:




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