Project Management And Leadership

Leadership Styles When you look into leadership styles, you find that there are anywhere from three to ten different styles and according to the experts, you should change your style to match the situation. When starting out in project management you have enough trouble keeping your wits about you just trying to figure out what is going on, what your tasks and responsibilities are, in other words just “surviving”. In these situations, trying to determine what leadership style you should be using is the last thing on your mind. What Is Expected Of You As you are aware, if you don’t know what direction the team has to go in or how to get there, people will not follow you. You can have all the leadership skills but unless you know what comes next, what happens months or years out, you could lead the team in the wrong direction. As Seth Godin says, “Leaders take responsibility.” So, you need to know what your responsibilities are. No matter the size of the project, following is typically what management is expecting when they ask you to manage a project: Developing and implementing the project execution plan and project schedule Communicating the project status to management Contracting for engineering services Project team leader for project contacts and organizing drawing reviews. Responsible for reporting to management. Manage engineering and procurement Review construction bid packages Coordinate construction contracting Manage permitting Provide constructability expertise Assist field efforts during construction Coordinate commissioning and startup Coordinate all technical issues during construction Handling project change and tracking change orders Responsible for project close out. Leadership Skills On top of this you need to know and understand the soft skills to get people to work for you. Some of the leadership skills you have to develop include: Having the vision to plan, organize and set objectives Being inspiring, making people proud to be on your team. Being assertive. Keeping calm during a crisis, avoiding visible panic. Learning from your failures - this is where experience comes from. Understanding the skills of your team and delegating tasks accordingly. Motivating your team members. Mentoring and coaching junior members of the team. Providing constructive criticism. Making logical decisions (need to know project management fundamentals to do this) Persevering when things are not going well. Being able to respond to changing situations. Accepting responsibility for the mistakes and wrong decisions. There Is A Lot To Learn As you can see from the above, being a project manager is not easy-peasy as there is a lot to know and understand in order to lead your team. This is where we can help. Our “Fundamentals of Project Management” workshops will equip you with the practical tools, skills, behavioral attributes, and competencies needed to lead your design and construction team in the industrial arena. This will allow you to lead your team while learning and practicing your leadership skills . So, if you want a “leg up” on project knowledge, allowing you to meet managements expectations and having a successful project, then join us for one of the following project management workshops: Workshops Fundamentals of Project Management Calgary AB August 26, 27, 28 2014 Denver CO September 23, 34, 25 2014 Houston TX October 21, 22, 23 2014 Calgary AB November 19, 20, 21 2014 Register/Enroll for this course now at: Fundamentals Of Project Management Generate an instant price proposal for this course at your location (in-house) Price Proposal View the complete list of courses and online seminars at All Coursesl This course is sponsored by Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education Inc. (PEICE) Read what others have said at: Testimonials Sign up for a free project management report and our monthly Newsletter at: Newsletter

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