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Would you be interested in an IPMA Project Management Consultant certification for Canadian PM trainers and advisors?
Yes - Let's see the details!
No - Don't think it would be of value
Not sure - Need more details before making up my mind
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Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline (CNCB)

The Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline (CPMNCB) is the basis for the Canadian implementation of the IPMA 4-Level Certification system. It is a standard that is invaluable to practitioners and stakeholders. The CPMNCB sets out the knowledge and experience expected from the managers of projects, programmes and project portfolios. It contains basic terms, practices, methods and tools for professional project management, as well as specialist knowledge and experience.

As an evolving profession, it is critical that project management practitioners have access to up to date information. The CPMNCB currently uses the latest, third edition of the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), published by the International Project Management Association, which includes changes in standards, content, and language, along with updates recommended by practitioners.

A copy of the ICB document is available for free download from the IPMA website. Click on the link to obtain your copy. Link = ICB4

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